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January 18, 2018

Craft a beautiful mobile for your little ones nursery that can be easily adapted to suit any room! 

You'll need: 

Pencil and metal ruler 

2 pieces of balsa wood, 75mm wide x 1.5mm thick x 915mm long 

Craft knife 

Small paint brushes 

Testpots in Resene Half Stack, Resene Gumboot, Resene Sandal, Resene Cotton Wool, Resene Sherbert 

PVA glue

White embroidery threat 

20cm embroidery hoop 

Get crafting: 

  1. Use our stencil templates to mark out mountains, trees and clouds along one of the pieces of balsa wood.
  2. Stack the two pieces of balsa wood one on top of the other, and use the ruler and craft knife to carefully cut the curves of the clouds on one piece, then use one of those as a template to cut more from the second. Paint six of the mountains in two coats of Resene Half Stack and the other six in Resene Gumboot, leave the balsa wood unpainted around the edges and leave to dry between coats. 
  3. Do the same for the trees, painting the trunks in Resene Sandal and the tops in Resene Sherbert. Paint the clouds in Resene Cotton Wool. 
  4. Use Resene Cotton Wool to paint snow on the top of the mountains in two coats and the snow drops on the mountains in one coat. 
  5. Cut the embroidery thread into four 1.5mm long pieces. Brush PVA glue on the back of one of the mountains painted in Resene Half Stack and lay the embroidery thread on top so it extends out the middle top of the mountain. Brush glue onto its matching mountain and press on top. Do the same with a tree 5cm below the mountains. Leave another 5cm gap and add one of the mountains painted in Resene Gumboot, followed by a cloud. Make another thread using the same process but with the mountains in reverse order. Then make two threads with a tree at the bottom, followed by a mountain and a cloud. 
  6. Place all of the mobile pieces between magazines and weigh down with something heavy. Leave overnight to dry. 
  7. Loosen the screw on the embroidery hoop and remove the inner loop. Wrap the embroidery thread of the mobile pieces evenly around this and tie in place. 
  8. Re-attach the outer loop and tighten with the screw. 
  9. There sould be about a metre of embroidery thread left on each of the mobile pieces. Take these four pieces and knot together in the centre of the loop, about 40cm up the thread. Plait the remaining thread and fold over the too then knot to create a loop that you can hang your mobile from at the desired height. 


Balsa wood wll curve a little when you apply paint and glue but flattens again when dry. 

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