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September 15, 2016

Let your little one track their growth with this fun height chart. 

Children love the idea of getting bigger, so make it easy for them to mark their growth milestones with this clever height chart that can be tailored to suit any little person’s bedroom.  

What we used

1 x piece pine timber - 1800mm long x 135mm wide x 10mm thick  
Resene Quick Dry Waterborne Primer Undercoat
Resene Magnetic Magic
Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen (we used Resene Madison)
Resene Enamacryl (we used Resene Alabaster) 
Selection of Resene testpots (we used Resene Rapture, Resene Scandal and Resene Glorious)
Stencils for shapes and letters 
Paint brushes in various sizes
Mini roller
Painter’s tape
White coloured pen and pencil
White gel pen


  1. Use the mini roller to paint a coat of Resene Quick Dry Waterborne Primer Undercoat on the timber. Leave to dry then paint over with two to three coats of Resene Magnetic Magic, leaving to dry each time between layers.
  2. Paint two coats of Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen over the magnetic paint, leaving to dry between coats.
  3. Mark out the measurements on the right hand side of the board. (We marked 2cm increments starting at 30cm.) Mark every 10cm with a 4cm line and every 30cm with a 6cm line. To mark the narrow 2cm lines, use a ruler and the white gel pen instead of paint
  4. Draw the fat stripes and circles for ‘As tall as Mum’, ‘As tall as Dad’ and ‘Born’. You can use low-tack masking tape around the stripes to ensure clean lines. Paint two coats of each colour then remove the tape. When dry, use the stencil and a pencil to mark out the text and paint with two coats of the Resene Enamacryl paint in Resene Alabaster
  5. Use a stencil and a white pencil to mark out the measurement numbers, then paint them with a brush. Do the same with the arrow and ‘This way up’. Paint each one with two coats of paint.
  6. Hang your height chart 30cm from the floor. You can drill a hole in the middle at the top and hang on a nail.

Testpot tips

  1. Combine multiple favourite colours into one height chart. Simply use low-tack masking tape to mark out each area and then choose your colours and paint to suit.
  2. Make sure low-tack masking tape is stuck down well so the paint doesn’t seep under the edge. Peel it off before the paint dries fully to avoid pulling the paint off with the tape.
  3. Let your child help choose the colours – simply show them the Resene KidzColour chart (in-store or online at and let them point out the colours they’d like you to use.
  4. If you have two children but don’t want to create two height charts, you could make your chart wider and have measurements on each side so each child can follow their progress up the chart and also compare it to their sibling on the other side. Bring their favourite colours into each side so that there is something to suit both. 
  5. When you’re painting on the Resene Magnetic Magic, make sure it is nice and thick so the magnets can stick well. Before you overcoat it, test your magnets to make sure they are working well. If needed apply extra Resene Magnetic Magic before topcoating.
  6.  For a permanent keepsake to treasure, use a liquid chalk pen to mark your child’s height and date each time. Your child can then use the magnets as an easy way to track their own height as they grow.


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