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August 14, 2018

Decorate your nursery or little ones bedroom wall with a mural that is out of this world...

You'll need

Paper - newspaper works well

Resene testpots in colour: Resene Bright Spark and Resene Cotton Wool

Resene FX Nightlight paint

Paint brush (70mm)

Pencil, scissors and cellotape

Painters tape

Get crafting

  1. Use tape to stick two pieces of newspaper together so you have a big enough piece of paper to draw a 40cm circle.
  2. Draw a large 40cm circle with a pencil in the middle of the newspaper and cut out.
  3. Use painters tape to tape your cut out circle template to the wall.
  4. Using a paint brush with a little paint (colour Resene Bright Spark), paint a crisscross pattern inside your template and leave to dry. You should see the brush strokes and the wall colour behind.
  5. Repeat with colour Resene Cotton Wool and leave to dry.
  6. Paint over with a little of Resee Bright Spark and leave to dry.

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