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December 13, 2016

Add a sense of personal style to your baby’s nursery by creating a colour combo with stencils that are simple to use and help you to tell a story.

You’ll need:

Resene testpots – we used colours Resene Lola, Resene Tranquil, Resene Half Pale Rose, Resene Pretty In Pink, Resene Half Splash, and Resene
Cut Glass

Paint brush

Low tack masking tape

Roller kit 

Sleeve easy reach roller #6 2pk foam 100x6mm

Easy reach tray set 100mm x 8mm  #1 Dacron


Before you start, paint small pieces of paper; dry and stick to the wall with low tack masking tape. This way you can reflect on the colour combination before committing. Let the colours fully dry to accurately judge how they work together.

  1. Make sure your stencil lies flat.
  2. Tape stencil onto the wall with low tack masking tape. Make sure it is stuck down well so that the paint doesn’t seep through the edge, and that the stencils don’t move while you’re painting.
  3. To reduce paint bleed use dense foam rollers. You can wash and reuse them for new colour, but we preferred the convenience of having a different foam roller for each new colour (using the same handle).
  4. Moisten the roller with water, and squeeze between paper towels to dry off any excess. Apply paint to the roller. One way to do this is to put a small amount of paint on a paper plate or a flat-bottomed, low-sided container and roll the roller through the paint. It also helps to roll the roller across some scrap paper to make sure the paint is evenly distributed. Once you are ready, roll across the stencil using several different directions to get the best coverage. (Baby wipes come in handy to wipe any small spills and smudges!)
  5. Once semi-dry and set, remove stencil. Peeling off the stencil before the paint fully dries avoids pulling the paint off with the tape.


Testpot tips:

  1. Keep it simple by sticking to cool or warm tones, and get creative by combining both. For
  2. a harmonious effect, use either bright hues or soft sorbets.
  3. Think outside of the box by applying the stencil to different areas of the room to spark your child’s imagination and suggest a story.
  4. For maximum effect, keep the walls neutral so that the colourful stencils emerge.
  5. Try using Resene Blackboard Paint to paint some of the stencils in place of standard paint. Then you and your child can have fun writing or drawing on the stencilled areas in chalk.
  6. Get your child involved and let them help choose the colours – simply show them the Resene KidzColour chart (in-store or online at and let them point out the colours they’d like you to use.
  7. Think beyond the walls. Ceilings, floors, wardrobe doors and furniture can be decorated with stencils too.
  8. For an extra special effect, try using a Resene Enamacryl Metallic paint. This will add extra sparkle and shine to the finish.
  9. Create your own stencil. Try using your child’s name, favourite animal or toy as inspiration.
  10. If you need to take a break while painting, wrap your roller or brush in clear clingwrap, or seal in a plastic bag. This will help to keep the paint moist and save you having to clean the brush or roller.
  11. For walls and cupboard doors in particular, opt for a washable finish such as Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen waterborne enamel – this makes cleaning marks easy.

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