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November 15, 2018

Motherhood changes your life - and your beauty essentials. We take a look at the quick fixes to make you look and feel your best

Words Emily Bell 

Gone is the makeup bag exploding with eyeshadow palettes and 'just in case' makeup. Instead, your handbag is replaced with a nappy bag, bursting with wipes, spare nappies, food storage containers and a squashed banana. So when bag room is tight and you only get five minutes in front of a mirror, finding that product that makes you feel like your pre-baby self can make a difference. It's time to invest in product's that don't just do one job - but two or thre. Dual action, two-in-one products that take up a small space and work wonders, and most importantly, make you feel ready to take on the playground. 

Colour POP 

Prep your base with Bubblegum Lip Scrub by LUSH. The exfoliant and added jojoba oil work to moisturise your lips. With colour, opt for a shade that suits your skin tone. Start with a lip pencil that's a close shade to your chosen lippy. Outline your lips and shade them in - trust me, this will make your lipstick stay put, but also ensures you achieve a neat pout. Don't be afraid to choose a striking colour, often all you need is a bold lip and you're good to go. 

Banish the bedhead

Introducing your new BFF: dry shampoo. No longer just for music festivals, over recent years it has found its way into every beauty cabinet. Why? Because everyone, especially mums, sometimes needs a shower in a can. Dry shampoo doesn't just remove excess oils, it takes away odor and gives back body and texture. We recommend Kevin Murphy's Fresh Hair. Spritz the product into your hair then towel dry to remove excess oil along with some dry shampoo product so you don't get a gritty feeling. Because the product is topical, it can't be absorbed and is safe to use during pregnancy. 

Frame your face

Though eyebrow artistry can be intimidating (we're not saying you need Kardashian sculpted brows), a full or feathered brow is much better than none at all. The Body Shop's 3in1 Brow Definer is a pencil, brush and highlighter in one. It's a smart tool that takes up barely any bag space. 

Nail it 

During pregnancy, it's common for your hair and nails to split. Paying them some TLC can give you the emotional boost you might need. With varnish, opt for a versatile colour that's long lasting, toddler proof and can handle the week ahead. L'Oreal Paris offers a collection of shades, infused with precious oils to give intense colour and shine. A great brush makes all the difference. Their fan shaped brush makes polish easy to apply, and is also drip resistant. 

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