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August 13, 2018

With New Zealand Fashion Week only weeks away, we speak to Victoria Cranwell at EGG Maternity, the New Zealand clothing brand with stylish and comfortable clothes for during and after pregnancy

Maternity Fashion has come a long way over the years. What’s changed?

My mother had one maternity dress and nursing pieces hadn’t been invented. Like any kind of style it is influenced by fashion but in maternity the needs of mums have changed. More mums are working through their pregnancies and going back to work sooner, and that has influenced the kind of maternity wear they’re looking for.

What sets EGG Maternity apart from other Maternity brands?

Our ladies still want to look good but feel comfortable and that is where our clever maternity design comes in. EGG focusses on classic cuts and good quality material, so mums can continue to wear our styles throughout their pregnancy and beyond. There is also a real explosion of social consciousness surrounding the ‘ethics’ of clothing and the sustainability of a range. We’re committed to making changes that will enable us to leave a smaller environmental footprint for the generations to come.

Should mums shop online or come into your store?

It can be an overwhelming time when your body is changing and you are not sure what you need. Pregnancy is different for everyone and as professionals we are here to guide and connect our mums with the right advice, support and clothes. Having a family or friends all together is fun and rewarding.  EGG is loved globally and the social media and online aspects to our business is of huge value to be able to connect with our mums and we are just a phone call away. At EGG we care and want our Mammas to love their bodies and much as their baby does.

What are some key trends in maternity wear? Colours? Styles? Fabrics?

At EGG we focus on comfortable cuts and easycare materials and having some fun with styles. Classic pieces for this season with colours coral, caramel and cream, great patterns and texture with the clever maternity and nursing features. We advise mums what to purchase at each stage so they have key pieces they can wear through pregnancy.

What are the key pieces you suggest Mums invest in?

There are definite stages in pregnancy and what we recommend for our new Mammas at the ‘four month pop’,  when tummy says ‘hello’ is to look at choosing a pair of our EGG maternity pants or jeans and go home and match them with pieces from their existing wardrobe.  A change in bra size may be needed at this point of the pregnancy.  Layering is a great way for Mammas to work with their changing bodies. It is so important to embrace your changing body and enjoy this special time.  Dresses and tops are easy at this stage. Six months is when there is another change and EGG advises mums to start choosing nursing pieces at this point as they can continue to wear them after bubba is born if they are going to breastfeed.  Our brand ethos is to provide our mums with sound advice and a selection of quality stylish pieces that they will enjoy wearing.  We have a lovely selection to choose from, for every occasion, every body and every season.

What pieces will you be showing at Fashion Week?

The really wonderful element of this Fashion Show is not only being aligned with Little Treasures, one of the original New Zealand mum magazines, but we will be showcasing my first small designer collection alongside our EGG classics. I have a love for fashion – it’s truly an exciting time. Working at EGG over the past four years, I have listenened to our mums and gained insights to their wants and needs. Yoyo Yang, an employee of EGG for over a decade will also be showcasing her collection for SS18. Some exciting new blood alongside the EGG classics.


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