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December 18, 2018

When your baby takes up all your free time, there's little left for yourself. We caught up with Janine Simons, owner of Mane Salon in Wellington, about her quick tricks to keep your locks looking and feeling their best.

What is the must-have hair product for every time poor mum? 

It has to be Kevin.Murphy Fresh Hair, the perfect dry shampoo for every mum on the run!  

What’s the secret to applying dry shampoo smoothly and effectively? (Such as Eleven’s?)  

It’s all in the blend. The secret to the perfect application of dry shampoo is to apply it at the root area all over and not to worry about the white powder residue that you see, this is what will absorb all the oils from the scalp and create that freshly washed hair look. Leave it for a minute or two and then flip your hair upside down and massage to blend and move the dry shampoo out to the ends of your hair.

What’s a hot on-trend style right now that’s easy to achieve and looks great?

Invest in a statement headscarf for summer 2018/19. Choose a beautiful fabric and wear it your way, hair all up or down, tie it at the nape for an understated look or opt for a bow at the front hairline for a super on trend look.

When summer hits, and so does the humidity – what’s a good product to reduce frizz and why?

Kevin Murphy Smooth Again leave in treatment is the BEST. With naturally derived ingredients such as Immortelle, Baobab seed oil, and kakadu plum to provide essential vitamins, long lasting hydration and help smooth, nourish and control the frizz. Apply it to damp hair and either blow wave in or leave to dry naturally, this is excellent to reduce frizz even on fine hair.

For many mums, going to the salon is an opportunity for them to take time out for themselves. Is there a treatment that can give their hair a healthy boost without requiring constant upkeep (such as a conditioning treatment?) 

We recommend a KEVIN.MURPHY TREAT.ME treatment where we gently exfoliate the hair first and then apply a moisture or strength treatment to the hair that we leave in while we do our haircuts, the longer we leave it the better it is and offering this service for many women means they get all the benefits and goodies their hair needs without spending an extra half an hour in the salon. The best value for you at home is the ELEVEN miracle hair treatment, at $33 it protects against UV, salt water, chlorine, adds moisture and shine to the hair to name but a few of the many benefits.

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