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February 2, 2018


When you’re expecting, your feet go through a lot...

They swell, your joints ache and as your bump grows they disappear beneath it, making them hard to see and reach let alone beautify. Motherhood can also mean your feet become a little tired and neglected when your children take up the majority of your time. Though as the temperature rises and your jandals call, it’s the time when you take a look at your feet and look for a quick fix.

That’s where we come in. We take a look at three of the products on the market to give a little back to your feet and asked our community what they thought.

Faby Nail Lacquers 

Capturing the essence of Italian style, international nail brand Faby provides professionals with 'A taste of Italy', with their luxurious range of nail products and traditional and innovative ethos. With shades that are inspired by true Italian culture and fashion, Faby nail lacquers are an expression of personal style that encourage you to make a statement and live “La Bella Vita” (“The Beautiful Life”). Based on the principals that mix traditional with innovation, with over 250 shades retailing from $20 RRP. What’s in the bottle? It’s resistant, with a long lasting professional formula, offering a rich pigment with a speedy drying time. Faby is Big 10 Free, with no nasties, it’s cruelty free, gluten free and vegan.



Monique Hartley

Faby Nail Lacquer colour 401 Jacqueline D'antibes is a deep shade of purple in colour, but not too dark with a lovely smooth & glossy finish and was quick to dry. It was a hard-wearing nail polish that gets darker when a second coat is applied.

I used a second coat then added a clear top coat to finish which made my toenails last two weeks before a touch-up coat was needed. This particular shade of purple was really nice and went with pretty much everything. I would be keen to see what other shades are available in this range as this was my first time trying out this particular brand.

I would highly recommend this brand if you want to step out into summer with glamourous feet! It is perfect for the busy mum, like me, who doesn’t always get the time to paint her toenails.

This product ticked all the boxes and I look forward to using it again soon.

Claire Reichert

I’m a mom to two amazing little boys and I can’t imagine my life any other way. For me, being a mom means putting their needs before mine, which results in very little (if any) me time.

I was recently sent a bottle of Faby Nail Lacquer to try and let’s just say WOW! This creamy and velvety polish glided onto my nails - bringing them back to life and making it look like I had actually put effort into my neglected feet.

I love how pigmented the polish is, how quickly it dried and that it’s super long lasting, which for me are nail polish essentials. Do you know how much destruction can be caused by two boys in that small amount of time it takes to paint 10 toe nails?

Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Sarah Chapman

Colour: Snow White’s Snack

I have to admit that when first receiving this product to review, I was smidge dubious. Not for any other reason other than I’m not big into nail polish. I’ve always struggled with my feet and more specifically my toes - they’re just not pretty!

One of my bugs with nail polish is the effort that goes into painting the nails only for them to get chipped within a minute of chasing a toddler around the living room. Well not this product! In fact, if I had to critique it in any way, it was that it harder to remove.

I was asked to trial this product for two weeks. The reality was I only had to apply it once. This polish withstood kids, swimming pools, lake swims, dusty camping grounds and many a lawn game. The ruby red may not have been a colour I would have chosen myself (but it did prove rather festive and distracting from the rest of my feet) but the brand itself I would seek out for its hardwearing quality.

Ali Anderson

I found the nail polish to be awesome! Often nail polishes can be sticky and gloopy, but Faby’s polish applied smoothly to my toe nails and was very easy to reply. The product lasted really well on my hard working feet and incurred no chips, even though I was in jandals half the time and run regularly!

It was also a big hit with my teen daughter, who loved the shade. I would really recommend this product; it’s top quality and I loved it!

Helen Raethel

As a busy Mum of two young children (seven months and three), I find it hard to have 10 minutes to myself let alone any sort of pampering. 

When I was sent this nail polish by FABY (colour in ‘Lotus flower in Shanghai’) I made some time to myself while hubby looked after the boys.

I enjoy painting my nails but as it always takes a while to dry, I always end up smudging it on the carpet or the kids often need me to do something for them so I rarely wear it. Though the colour was not one I would usually wear (I prefer blues and pinks), with the arrival of summer and jandal season I needed a new colour that was fun and vibrant. The nail polish was easy to apply and after two coats I was set. I must say it looked great and complimented my navy blue Havianas. 


Linden Leaves Foot Reviver

A cooling revitalising spritzer with essential oil of lemongrass for its naturally anti-bacterial properties and essential oil of sage to help stimulate circulation.  Soothing cucumber adds to the invigorating fresh fragrance.  The perfect way to refresh and revive weary feet on the go, this soothing, cooling foot reviver helps prevent swelling and ‘heavy’ legs and ankles – perfect during pregnancy!  Simply remove your shoes and spritz bare feet and legs – for an extra kick use it cooled, straight from the fridge.



Claire Sewell

As a mum to five children of varying ages (21 months to 16 years) and not having a driver's licence, I walk everywhere so my legs and feet can end up being pretty tired by the end of the day. This is where Linden Leaves’ cooling and revitalising spray comes in. As soon as I get into bed I spritz the product on my legs and each foot and rub in, inhaling the delicious and refreshing cucumber smell. The product seems to reduce the aches and pains felt in my legs and if I forget to use the spray, you can certainly feel it!

I will definitely be purchasing in the near future. 

Carolyn Frizzle Smith 

It certainly felt like one of those products that make you want to take more care of yourself and was a real treat at the end of the day to use. I really enjoyed the scent and think it would make a lovely gift for a new mum or a treat before your baby comes when you just can’t reach your feet so well. True to its name, this foot reviver gives not only your feet a lift but lifted my spirits too! 

Hannah Rutland

The Linden Leaves Footcare Foot Reviver is a cooling mist spray that leaves your tired and sore feet feeling refreshed, especially after a long day. As an extremely busy mum of a toddler and new born, I welcomed the relief that this spray provided, especially after a long day in the summer sun running around.

The bottle is a convenient size and is able to be chucked into the cooler bag alongside the salads and drinks so you can use it on the go, or you can keep it in the fridge at home and use when the kids are finally in bed. 

The spray has a light feel and a dry-to-touch finish. It leaves a cooling sensation, which is welcomed in the hot summer weather. The summery scent is delicious and I can imagine how using this in winter will take you right back to summer. I would highly recommend the Linden Leaves Footcare Foot Reviver!

Nikita Sparey 

I started using Linden Leaves foot reviver while heavily pregnant with swollen, tired and weary feet. Over the course of using this product the swelling subsided and my feet felt very refreshed. The smell is very cleansing and fresh, the sensation of the spray very relieving.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone who is always on their feet, pregnant women, and simply anyone who needs something to revive their tired feet.Thank you for allowing me to try out this product, I will be looking for it in stores. 


Mossop's Funky Feet Balm

Nature provides a cure for all ailments, but it can be hard to find the right product when you’re looking for truly natural solutions. Mossop's 100% natural, hand-made Funky Feet balm has been created for you from the beautiful world around us.

This creamy balm is a blend of beeswax and olive oil infused with its own unique blend of plant extracts and enhanced with the special properties of Propolis and UMF®15+ Manuka Honey.

Mossop’s Funky Feet balm works gently to protect and support skin prone to fungal conditions such as fungal toenails, ringworm and athletes foot.


Christine Alberts

I was very lucky to be chosen to review Mossop’s Funky Feet Balm. My poor feet have been rather neglected over the winter and with summer upon us I found myself hiding in closed shoes rather than bringing out my sandals and jandals. Que: Mossop’s Funky Feet Balm. 

The natural ingredients listed instantly won me over as I know it could be used by our family but also particularly the UMF15+ Manuka Honey (as we know it’s benefits are endless). The Balm is very easy to apply and soaks into every crack. I was pleased to see the results in the morning of well moisturised and supple feet and within a couple of days the cracks and dryness disappearing. I have continued to use the balm nightly and would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for an effective and natural balm. 

Sarah Martin

Though this product initially did not seem to be the solution to my problem of dry cracked heels, I decided to give it a go and see what would happen.

They didn’t turn a funny colour, in fact it was quite the opposite! I have happy, healthy and nourished heels!

The product itself is non-greasy, easy to apply and has no offending odours. It also did not come with strict instructions, which for a busy mum is great! Over the past two weeks using the balm, applying every two days, I am very impressed with the results. I will definitely continue to use and there’s also an added bonus – no nasties included! 

Rachel Andrews

Mossop's Funky Feet Balm has an enticing sweet scent and a smooth silky texture, which I loved applying to my tired, dry feet each night - I also persuaded my partner to let me put it on his feet as well!

After 2 weeks of application, my partner noticed a difference in the condition of his feet. The dry flaky sections seem to have been reduced by the nightly use of the balm. My heels don't seem much different but I'm looking forward to continuing with this treatment nightly anyway and seeing what the long term effects could be on my feet. 

Susan Sherring

When I first started using Mossop's Funky Feet Balm, the skin on my feet was cracking and feeling. I also noticed they were getting a bit stinky over the summer period. After one week of using this product, I noticed a big difference; the smell was no where near as bad and the skin was starting to repair. After two weeks, my feet are not smelly and I am no longer suffering from cracked skin. My feet are really smoothe and feel so much more healthy. I will definitely continue to use this product as it's been so beneficial and I love that it's natural. 

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