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April 26, 2018

If your skin is feeling a little neglected, give it some love

Pregnancy means your body is in for a whole lot of change as it nourishes and grows the little person inside you. Added hormones produced can mean dramatic changes to your skin, and those changes can fluctuate. You may be radiating with joy, but sometimes your complexion doesn't always achieve that inner pregnancy glow and the products you were using pre-bun in the oven just don't cut it. Your once oily skin might now be prone to dryness, rashes can develop along with enhanced sensitivity and stretch marks - don't ask! What's more, your go-to moisturiser is now deemed un-safe for expectant mothers and it can be hard to know where to turn. With winter well under way, pamper your skin with the love (and hydration) it deserves. 

We asked our community to try and test the new Snowberry Renew Body Oil, specially formulated for sensitive skin - it can even be used on babies!  

Snowberry Renew Body Oil 

Snowberry's Renew Body Oil is an exquisite blend of the most skin-compatible natural oils in the world - including the delicious harakeke seed oil from the Snowberry Gardens. This helps to counter stretch marks and restore stressed skin at any time. It restores your skins natural glow, counter stretch marks and is also safe for use during pregnancy and for your baby. RRP $49


Emily Bell 
Digital Editor, Little Treasures Magazine

If there's one thing I loathe when it comes to my after shower routine, it's applying moisturiser. I hate the sticky, thick, gloopy texture that sits on your skin for what seems like hours, whilst you awkwardly hover in the bathroom, debating whether or not to pull on clothing. For me, this isn't relaxing, it just takes up time and it's why (I confess) I rarely moisturise. I'm always on the hunt for a product that eliminates this feeling, so I was delighted when Snowberry Renew Body Oil landed on my desk.

The packaging is beautiful and I love how the product is blended with natural oils, including the harakeke seed oil, harvested from the Snowberry Gardens. Wow. How luxe. I applied the oil to my skin, anticipating the dreaded sticky phase. Thankfully, it absorbed into my skin quickly, leaving behind smooth skin and no grease. After two weeks of use, I'm glad to say I love this product and will definitely be re-stocking once the bottle runs out. If you're feeling a little neglected, take the time out to pamper yourself with this product. You deserve it. 

Hannah Rutland

My skin has been increasingly sensitive to beauty products, so I was hesitant to try the Snowberry Renew Body Oil. I started to use it daily after my shower, applying it over my skin. It absorbed quickly and made my skin feeling really smooth, hydrated and not oily at all. Even though my skin is sensitive, I had no problems at all. The bottle is a decent size and even though I have been using it daily, there's a lot left. The dry spots on my knees and elbows have also improved over the past few weeks.

I love that this product is New Zealand made and I will definitely recommend it to my family and friends.                                                                 

Shelley Greco

When I realised this product is oil based, I was a little concerned that my skin would be left with a greasy feeling underneath my clothes. I was pleasantly surprised when, after application, my body felt irresistibly smooth and hydrated.

I used this oil every day after showering and loved the all-day feeling of smooth and soft skin. The scent is enticing and along with the pretty design of the slim line bottle, this product will now be a staple item for me. Though it's a little pricier than what I would normally spend, it's definitely worth it for a quality product that gives satisfying results. 10/10. 

Hazel Allsopp

Snowberry Renew body oil is a lovely product. I have sensitive skin so it’s hard to find products that don't cause my skin to become itchy, dry and red. This was not the case with Snowberry Renew Body Oil. It is light, non-greasy and left my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. 

I would highly recommend this to mums in need of a quick and easy solution for tired skin. 

Claire Wall Shaw 

I enjoyed using the Snowberry Renew Body Oil. The fragrance was subtle but pleasant and the pump bottle made it easy to use. On the skin it absorbed quickly and was pretty non-greasy for an oil. It left my skin feeling smooth and soft - great alternative to a moisturiser. I love that it is totally natural (no nasties), is made in New Zealand, and is a carbon zero product. Looking forward to trying some of their other products!

Emma Munro

The Snowberry Renew Body Oil is a great Kiwi product that has been amazing for my postpartum skin. I was a little hesitant about using an oil as I normally use a more traditional moisturiser. However, I swiftly changed my mind once I felt the oil on my skin. The oil absorbs quickly, it's non-greasy and the harakeke seed oil has a mild but pleasant fragrance. The Snowberry packaging is also gorgeous and the bottle is simple, yet makes the product feel even more luxurious. I will definitely be continuing to use this product!

Elizabeth Robertshaw

I was initially apprehensive of the Snowberry Renew Body Oil as some brands can smell unpleasantly, are oily and feel heavy on your skin. This body oil was different: lusciously smooth, light on application and with a gorgeous subtle spiced scent that reminded me of Christmas. Snowberry's product left a flattering sheen (even on my pale legs) and after a few weeks of use, my skin seemed healthier and less dry.

I would recommend Snowberry Renew Body Oil. As parents, we can often neglect our bodies as we focus all our attention on the little bodies we care for, and using this oil is a lovely way to nurture yourself. It also works beautifully as a massage lotion for when you need some extra pampering!

Courtney Taylor

What can I say. I have been using Snowberry Renew Body Oil for about two weeks daily after my shower and it has left my skin feeling super baby soft! It is packed with so much moisture but doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy. I am seven months pregnant and have suffered with dry, flaky, dull skin and the serum has brought it back to life, literally! I am so obsessed! I have even been using it on my three-year-old son after his baths and he calls it "mummy's specials". It left his skin so nice as he has always suffered from dry skin since birth.

I am definitely a dedicated fan of Snowberry! 

Awhina Moa

The Snowberry Renew Body Oil smells amazing and feels silky smooth on the skin. I'm forever washing and sanitising my hands so it was great that through use of this product, they did not feel as dry. Unfortunately when my baby girl and I tried the oil, we broke out in what appeared like a heat rash to our faces. My honest opinion is that, though we had a slight reaction to the product, I would highly recommend people with dry skin to give Snowberry Renew Body Oil a go, as it is perfect for making your skin feel pampered.

Carly Collins

I have quite dry skin but I really hate feeling greasy after using body oils. I was excited to give the Snowberry Renew Body Oil a go and see if it lived up to its claims of being rapidly absorbed and non-greasy.

I used the oil for two weeks and put it on every day. It made my skin feel incredibly smooth and quite luxurious.

As a Mum, I am often showered and dressed super speedily, and have little time to let body oils absorb before throwing on my Mum jeans. This body oil absorbed into my skin really quickly which meant that I didn’t need to worry about getting oil marks all over my clothes.

After two weeks, my skin is looking really hydrated and I'm reminded that taking an extra moment to pamper myself gives a real boost for the day ahead!

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