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July 27, 2016

When your days are busy taking care of your family’s needs it’s easy to neglect your own. Prioritising your wellbeing is essential – for everyone’s sake – so try these simple tips to keep you healthy and happy. 

1- Get outside 

 Being surrounded by nature is incredibly cleansing and allows us to tune into all our senses. Getting sunshine hours over the colder months is also important for your daily vitamin D intake, which helps reduce winter blues.

Try: Get out for a walk first thing so you can start the day right. Text local friends and encourage them to come, so it becomes a social occasion too. On the weekends, plan a family bush or beach walk with baby in the front pack. It’s a great way to explore new areas and makes a nice change of scene if you tend to stick close to home during the week. Keep your walking shoes, raincoat and anything else you’ll need by the door so you can easily dash out when the weather’s nice.

2- Self care

This can be the last thing on your mind while caring for little ones, but it’s crucial for your happiness and that of your family. Taking just a few minutes out of the day for yourself can boost your mood.

Try: Sit down with a cup of tea, relax and observe your surroundings. Note your passing thoughts, but always bring yourself back to the present. If there’s someone who can watch baby, have uninterrupted time out. Read, or take a relaxing bath with the door closed.

3- Tech-free

Technology has infiltrated every area of our lives and even though it can be incredibly useful, it can also be a hindrance and a sucker of time. Creating digital boundaries can be really useful in reconnecting with yourself, your family and friends.

Try: Ignoring your phone during playtime with your baby or child so you can really concentrate on enjoying that connection. Have it out of reach during meal times. Give yourself permission to log on again later in the evening if you want to, but switch off again an hour before bed. Having certain times when you’re offline can feel liberating.

4- Openness 

It’s important not to expect perfection. Being a new mum is difficult enough without the added pressure of having everything ‘just so’.  There will be mistakes and accidents, but if we look at the positive outcomes from them we can learn so much.

Try: Writing something down at the end of each day that you feel you did well and read back over your notes regularly. Talk to mums with older kids or even your own mum about what they remember from this time as they may be able to offer some perspective, having moved through the phase you are in now.

5- Simplify 

 It’s easy to get bogged down in the details and clutter of life, so a physical and mental cleanout can make way for happiness to return. We have the tendency to hang on to old relationships, patterns of thinking, and habits that are no longer serving us and are draining rather than empowering. Giving yourself time to think about these things allows you to create the space for what you really want to come back into your life again.

Try: Thinking about the long term rather than the short term. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the tiny details of the day; you won’t care next week whether you had a tin of spaghetti for dinner and fell into bed without doing the washing up, so don’t waste energy on feeling bad about it today.

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