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May 11, 2018

As parents of little ones, all too often we associate the cooler weather with colds and sickness

But this doesn't have to be the case. It’s been proven that children in in-home care suffer from less illnesses than children in centres. That’s good news for you as a parent – not only can you keep your family happy and healthy, but it also means less time away from work with sick children.

Instead of wrapping children up in cotton wool, we wrap them up warm in appropriate clothing to go outside and explore the great outdoors. Hats, gloves, jackets and gumboots come out for PORSE children during winter. Due to the low educator-child ratio, they are given the opportunity to get outside, jump in a pile of leaves, splash in puddles and wander around their surroundings under a big umbrella.

Liv Coleske loves that her daughter Thea gets the chance to explore the local parks with her PORSE Educator Kylie and the other children in her care.

“Kylie can offer things to Thea that I cannot as a working-mum. Thea, 7 months, loves joining in with the older children and getting amongst the messy play that Kylie sets up in her backyard. Thea is constantly trying new things. It’s comforting to know that she is learning and developing in a loving home-based environment when I can’t be there,” Liv says.

Children in PORSE care have the chance to be kids and experience real-world outings based on their own, individual interests. And when they’re done, they’re back inside in a warm, cosy environment with one carer and no more than three other children. We offer peace and quiet for the times children need to just take time to recharge – allowing them the freedom to be themselves.

At Kylie’s house, some days there is nothing better than snuggling under a blanket with some books or getting the puzzles out.

Liv says her daughter gets the best of both worlds – being out and about and having nice cuddly home days.

Kylie is so nurturing and caring, the one-on-one attention Thea gets is amazing. I like that Thea gets cuddles and gets to know Kylie on a level she wouldn’t have at a large centre. She is not just another number and Kylie really does treat her like one of her own.”

PORSE provide authentic environments - emulating home life, including routines and systems that are built there, resulting in a comforting space for your child. Just like being at home.

Liv says home-based care is perfect for her family while Thea is so small. “I could not bear to drop her off to a large centre while she is such a little baby. I love that she is in a nurturing, warm and homely environment but also gets the opportunities to be out and about socialising with other babies and toddlers when she visits PlaySchool with Kylie.”

When you can’t be at home with your child, we offer the next best option, through secure one-on-one authentic relationships which provide your child the security they need in order to flourish and grow.

Find out more about the best Natural Childcare option for your family.

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