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July 18, 2018

Our highlight of the winter school holidays so far was a spontaneous trip to the Aotea Square ice rink...

By Bianca Zander

Yes, spontaneous! We just chucked on skates and skidded around the ice – the three-year old zipping around safely in his own plastic Zimmer frame – and bombed down the ice slide in a rubber tube. No hats, gloves, jackets or waterproof pants. Just us in our jeans and sweatshirts. 

Everyone had a blast, especially me, and it was a great reminder that sometimes the best activities are the ones we don’t overthink – or over-plan.

All parents are familiar with the daily ordeal knows as “getting out the effing door without a meltdown,” which, 9 times out of ten ends with not just a meltdown but sincere remorse.

Such a fun way to start an outing!

For me the stress comes from trying to remember all the snacks and drinks and spare clothing everyone needs for the outing while trying to get the kids—who are suddenly immersed in deep play—ready and into the car.

I’m not very good at it and we’re always late. Always.

The day we went ice skating, we were meant to see The Owl and The Pussycat but I got the time wrong and a lovely PR lady at Auckland Live saw how disappointed my kids were and offered us tickets to go ice skating.

My first thought was that we couldn’t go because the kids weren’t dressed for it and would get wet/cold/miserable/hungry. I also wasn’t sure I could handle being the only adult in charge of three kids (we had an extra 9-year-old with us, my son’s friend).

I ummed and ahhhed. But then I thought, “Oh, what the hell! I love ice skating!”

Best decision of my life. We hit the ice and laughed and smiled and little cheeks turned red and flushed with excitement. No one got cold or wet or hurt themselves. No one got hungry or wet their pants.  It was the best two hours of the school holidays!

And an excellent reminder that sometimes you can just leave the house without all the things you think you need to survive an outing and it will all turn out okay.

The Aotea square ice rink is open until July 22nd.

Check out their website for more

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