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March 28, 2018

One of the most important things you'll do when preparing for a baby is purchasing a buggy. We asked Noelle Mccarthy to test drive phil&teds go™, their brand new buggy that allows parents to adapt and survive with kids in tow 

The good news; this stroller is seriously light. As the mother of a nine month old whose density seems to increase by the hour, I’ve been dreading the day when she gets too heavy for the front-pack and I’ll have to push a ten tonne buggy along the steep backstreets of Ponsonby. The go™ is a God-send for any Mum as unwilling to apply elbow grease as I am. It requires only the lightest of touches to get moving, even when walking uphill. Living in a house that has half a dozen steps leading up to the front door is another reason why I’ve mostly opted for babywearing; it’s a two-person job even getting a buggy out the front gate. But our steep steps ceased to be a problem thanks to the go™'s lightweight frame. Bonus points for making me feel like a total Amazon warrior Princess when I picked up the whole thing, baby included and carried it down onto the street without even breaking a sweat.

There’s another reason why getting the girl in the buggy is a two person job in our house; as a general rule, the straps and fastenings on these things require a level of expertise beyond my ken. Up until now, this has been my guilty secret; the baby is almost walking and I still haven’t figured out how to put her in her stroller and tie her in. How revelatory then, to find a lock on the go™that couldn’t be easier; no weird geometric shapes that fit together like one of those intergalactic tesseract from a Marvel film; just a simple, straightforward 4-point restraint that securely holds your child in place. I could weep.That’s all the good stuff, and it’s pretty good. Less pleasing is the tendency of the go™ to drift a bit once you’re motoring along. This is a consequence of the lack of ballast, presumably. The lightweight frame is a massive advantage in general, but the front wheels did leave the ground once or twice as we were travelling downhill. Piloting such a light machine requires a bit of practice; I learned pretty quickly to apply extra pressure to keep things level once the ground started to slope. And once you’ve got the hang of it, for lightness, ease and portability, it’s hard to beat this nippy little run-around.

Why choose go™?

City living

We know that maneuvering buggies can be tricky, especially when it comes to city life. With go™, you can be assured that all bases are covered. It's extremely lightweight at 5kg and is one of the lightest, most compact, full seat buggies out there. It makes travelling in and out of shops and on and off public transport an effortless journey every time.

Puncture proof

The go™ has a compact stand fold that's easy to carry and also stands super slim, at only 44cm width with puncture proof EVA wheels with suspension. Perfect for walking up and down hills!

Car seat

It's the perfect solution from birth as it can lie-flat with the full size sling seat or it’s a fantastic travel system to carry the phil&teds alpha infant car seat (travel system belt an additional accessory) to take you from car to buggy and back again.

All rounder 

The go™has a UPF integrated sunhood, which is perfect for keeping your little one sheltered from the harmful UV rays of the hot New Zealand sun. It also has a footbrake, 5kg parcel tray capacit and a choice of three fun and fresh seat liners. It's a perfect nippy main or second buggy for citygoers! 


  • Super lightweight 
  • Only 5kg travel system ready 
  • Includes alpha infant car seat and travel system belt (sold separately) 
  • Fast folding and extremely compact with a carry handle to keep you moving 
  • 4 EVA puncture proof tyres
  • 5kg parcel tray capacity 
  • Full size sling seat that's newborn ready to 15kg 5-point safety harness slimline - 44cm width  


Who is it for?  

  • Parents who are looking to downsize from their full-sized buggy, and require a nippy umbrella buggy
  • Families who live in crowded, metro areas and need an ultra-light, easy to manoeuvre go anywhere buggy for their child’s first few years, that packs down to something tiny
  • Environmentally conscious parents, opting for smaller vehicles or commuting only by public transport and they need a buggy that is hassle and stress free.

It's important to find a buggy that works for you and your lifestyle. If you like the look of go™, head on over to

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