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June 6, 2017

Winter – it hits us every year – and often with a cold, hard thump. Especially when it brings sniffles, sneezes, coughs and fevers. It’s never nice to see your little ones unwell and it can be a real worry when the sickness is accompanied by a fever.

A fever can be a good thing though. It’s the body’s way of fighting an infection. In fact, the latest advice is to ‘treat the child, not the fever’. So rather than reaching straight for the medicine, look at all the symptoms to assess what to do next. If your child seems generally happy, let the fever do its job. If your child is miserable from the illness, then a dose of paracetamol such as Pamol® may help him or her feel a little better. And remember, if you’re concerned about your child’s health, you should see your doctor. Babies under six months old with a fever should be checked by a doctor.

What’s normal?

A normal temperature is around 37 degrees Celsius. A fever may be described as mild (between 38 and 39) or high (over 39 degrees Celsius). A child’s normal body temperature can vary depending on where it is measured, and also at different times of the day.

Will a fever harm my child?

Your child may feel a little miserable or uncomfortable, but a temperature is unlikely to cause any long term problems. If the fever lasts for more than two days or if your child has seen a doctor but is not improving, go back for another check (a high temperature following a virus may indicate a bacterial infection).

How can I help my child feel better?

If fever is making your child feel grizzly, grumpy and really unhappy, then paracetamol such as Pamol® can help them feel more comfortable. Reduce your child’s layers of clothing and make sure the room is not too warm. Ensure your child has lots of fluids to drink and plenty of rest. And remember, a big dose of cuddles can go a long way as well! 

Pamol® is for the treatment of children’s pain and fever.  Pamol® suspensions contain paracetamol 250mg/5mL.  Always read the label and use as directed.  If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.  Incorrect use can be harmful. ® Registered Trademark.  Aspen Pharmacare C/- Pharmacy Retailing (NZ) Ltd, Auckland. TAPS PP9765-MY17

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