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May 24, 2017

It’s no secret that having children can involve parting with money, sanity & space around the house. However, there is no need to feel down, because finding baby items that grow or change with you can address a lot of those issues.

For example you can start by buying your child a jacket in a bigger size to last ‘until next Winter’ (Mum-life guarantee right there). Try to look beyond the baby stage to what gear will last for years to come.

The Buggy

When you are 3D printing a human, it takes a lot of energy (in all its forms). So first-time parents can find it tricky to imagine a life beyond the here & now of welcoming your new baby.

When it comes to buggies, there’s no need to feel like you are compromising on anything necessarily, should you invest in a buggy can take one OR two. An option like the phil&teds dot buggy comes with the extra seat included in the box, but is a great compact single buggy without it.

Also you are now prepared for anything – later siblings, visiting cousins or storage on a trip. You can even parent-face the double kit in single mode. Having the double kit will also maximise the resale value after your kids grow up.

(photo: @planningforparis_erin)

The Bed

Bassinets are pleasant to look at & useful for sleeping baby close. However, if your bedroom is big enough, you may want to use a full-sized cot from birth. You simply make the bedding right down the foot end of the bed (which is pretty darn cute too!). That means one less thing to buy & store.

If you do use a bassinet, reuse the smaller blankets later on for warmth in baby’s car seat or buggy.

Some cots can transform into a junior bed by removing the sides. This is a great feature, but if your family is tall consider that you might not use that option before a big bed is needed.

(photo: @motherswork)

With travel cots, get more value from yours by looking for one that can be used as a playpen or outdoors. The phil&teds traveller cot can do all of that, and packs up crazily compact to save space between uses or children.


The High Chair

Eventually the day will come when your once squirmy baby will be sitting up and interested in food. High chairs are obviously used for feeding children, but also have other uses.

Like keeping baby safe & entertained with toys if you’re cleaning up, hanging out with you as you cook, and crafts or playdoh time.

A high chair like the phIl&teds poppy is great for all of that, with a huge tray for keeping playdoh off the floor, that also detaches to pull right up to a countertop. Even better, shorten the legs and you get a cute ‘my chair’ to use for big kids too.

(photo: @fivelittlebirds)



As mentioned earlier, Mums tend to buy bigger clothes for value. This need can start early on, when you end up packing away a pile of hardly-worn 000 size items.

If you can roll sleeves and baby’s mobility is fine in the slightly bigger clothes, go for it. However, do remember that shoes should fit well. It’s hard learning to walk in clown shoes.

You will end up accumulating out-grown kids clothes at a fantastic rate, so make some careful decisions around what you will save, sell, throw or giveaway. In New Zealand, there is a huge& wonderful circle of parents passing on used children’s clothes. You will one day ‘pay-it-forward’ when your children are grown, so accept this kindness sincerely when you have young kids.

Babyhood can feel like a lifetime, but then you blink and they’re dressing themselves. Parenting is like being a time traveller sometimes. So do future-you a favour and look out for baby gear that’s prepared for the long-term parenting days, weeks & years. 

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