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August 30, 2017

Planning for a new baby is an intense time! Parents want all their ducks in a row before delivery day, so when they arrive home, the family is ready to accommodate a new little flatmate.

Those early days can feel like the longest time in the world, but before you know it, baby is bigger, sitting up & trying to snatch your sandwich.

So then you enter the next phase of baby buying. You need gear for your hungry, curious & wiggly little worm! Here are some ideas on how to excel at feeding, carrying & driving your bigger baby as you adapt & survive the parenting day!

Feeding time

A high chair is usually top of the list for next stage baby gear. The age that a baby starts eating solids can vary, but generally a 6 month old baby will be starting their first foods. New foods are fun, but also messy! Their first taste of avocado will likely end up mixed with spit bubbles & sliding down their chin for you to clean up. Then finger foods come along, and food starts getting splattered all over the tray like they are a performance artist!

Here are some great tips for feeding baby:

    • Most new parents are very surprised to learn that banana is the worst food for staining. You need to rinse banana off clothing immediately or it will turn to a brown stain that cannot be cleaned.
    • Take advantage of warm weather and feed them just in a nappy. That way you can simply clean them with a cloth or bath, and no extra laundry is made (yay!)
    • Find a high chair with a large tray, that is easy to clean. A lot of high chairs have seams & gaps that make cleaning tricky. The phil&teds poppy is smooth & so easy to clean, as well as having a HUGE wrap-around tray to catch all the crumbs.
    • High chairs can be for play dough, crafts, puzzles or chilling with a teething toy, not just eating. The poppy high chair has a comfy & squishy seat that keeps little legs comfy while they play.

Get carried away

A backpack carrier is a great option for carrying an older baby places. They get great visibility to explore their world & you get storage for all their gear, all wrapped up in one easy-to-pack-away package.

Having a backpack carrier like the phil&teds parade or escape carrier will give you more options for walkways with stairs, busy crowds, walking dogs or any other adventure where it would be helpful to keep your hands free. Kids love riding up so high, so both you & your little one will feel like king or queen of the castle!

Back seat driver

A new car seat is usually another necessary purchase for parents of a 6 month old baby. They will have outgrown or be about to outgrow their capsule, so many parents look for a convertible car seat for this next stage. This means you can rear face them while still a baby or toddler & then turn them round to front facing once they are a pre-schooler.

The phil&teds evolution car seat is a great option for bigger babies, keeping them safe & comfy on the road. Even better, parents love the evolution seat too as it looks super stylish in the back seat, so helps parents feel less trapped within nursery jail! The fabric is also wipe clean so it’s easy to deal with any messes in the back seat.


We hope this gives you some perspective on the needs of an older baby. It can be valuable to think about this stage, even while still pregnant. For example, rather than receiving a million  000 body suits as gifts, it could be worth politely asking well-meaning friends to chip in for a high chair instead. Don’t forget that even though the days are long (and the 

nights even longer) when you have a newborn, they will grow & you will pat your past self on the back for being prepared for this next stage. Best of luck!




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