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November 21, 2017

The voyager buggy does it all, just like you!

As a parent you wear many hats (ironic when your toddler won’t even keep one single sunhat on). You become chef, chauffeur, a doctor who can kiss ‘owies’ better, their playmate & their comfort. Sometimes you even transform into human handkerchief as they slyly nuzzle your knees with their nose.

So it goes without saying you need baby gear that can keep up with you! That’s where the voyager buggy from phil&teds comes in. phil&teds’ whole ethos is to make products that help parents get through their day with their sanity & ‘sense of self’ still intact. The voyager buggy is phil&teds most versatile & luxurious option, delivering any seating setup a parent could dream of in a slimline & stylish package. All so you can feel great as you stroll the streets with your happy little ones.

The voyager buggy is ideal for your first baby, for siblings to come & even twins! Among the many things that stand out about voyager, the 4-in-1 seating is notably superior to other products out there in pramland. Nothing else compares to voyager.

We all know that newborn babies should lie flat for their comfort & safety, so that’s why the voyager buggy’s seat adapts to become a lie-flat bed for baby on the go. You get all the beauty of a carrycot, in a seat that you can use on or off the buggy, without the extra cost. Even better, voyager offers one of the tallest & roomiest modular seats on the market. So your growing child can lie flat, face you or face the world, as they sit & fit contentedly during all your buggy going days!

Thinking of having another child? The voyager grows alongside your family. While voyager is a fabulous single pushchair, you will be well & truly patting your past-self on the back for your clever choice once you use it as a double buggy. The voyager buggy is very much a ‘buy once, buy right’ product, with no need to sell off a single pram for a double one later on. You already have voyager at your side; your super single now becomes a dynamic duo! Again the seating options abound. Baby can lie flat or you can attach a car seat, all with older kids safely seated.

Expecting twins? The voyager buggy is a suburb option for parents who don’t like the idea of ‘wide-load’ side-by-side pushchairs. You stay sleek & slimline with voyager measuring at only 60cm wide, you can slip through crowds, supermarket aisles & cafe tables without causing a scene. Both babies can lie flat in comfort & sit comfortably as they grow.

Adding to voyager’s list of super powers, it has an astounding one piece fold. That means that you can fold voyager as a double without removing anything, with both seats nesting neatly within the frame. This makes transporting your folded voyager a breeze, leaving more room in your car boot for the rest of your life!

Remember how phil&teds is all about celebrating the parent? That’s why voyager makes your life easier with its innovative Aeromaxx puncture proof tyres & massive 10kg gear tray capacity. So voyager is always ready to go when you are!

The voyager buggy is both easy & clever, and don’t we all need a bit more of that in our lives? But enough talking, get walking into your local phil&teds stockists & check it out for yourself. The proof is in the pushing! 

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