November 29, 2016


We all look forward to the summer months and being able to spend time outside enjoying the warm sunny weather.   The effect of the sun can be pretty intense and so it is really important to look after our skin to ensure we don’t burn.  Practicing good sun sense is essential for everyone, from applying sunscreen to wearing appropriate clothing and eyewear. 

The Surf Life Saving Sunscreen Lotion offers a high protection SPF50 UVA/UVB protection.  It has a dry touch formula which means that it will dry completely with a matte finish, leaving skin feeling clean and fresh instead of making it feel sticky.  It rubs in really easily, has Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help keep the skin moisturised, and is also fragrance free.

To get the best from your sunscreen, apply liberally to the skin about 20 minutes before exposure to the sun.  For an average adult you should be looking at the equivalent of a teaspoon of sunscreen for each area such as leg, arm, front, back and face – don’t forget neck and ears.  And although it is water resistant for up to 4 hours it is really important to re-apply especially after swimming, towel drying or exercise.

As well as helping to protect you and your family from the sun, Surf Life Saving Sunscreen also helps support the Surf Life Saving New Zealand organisation.  This amazing group of girls and boys volunteer their time to help keep us safe between the flags on the beach throughout the summer.  To become a surf life saver requires quite a lot of training, so donations are essential to keep this charity working tirelessly on our behalf.   Every bottle of sunscreen sold helps to raise funds for this iconic Kiwi organisation. 

Prices start from $9.99 and can be found in selected pharmacies or supermarkets, or online via

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