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April 17, 2018


Treasures nappies have been wrapped around Kiwi babies' bottoms since 1976. Treasures were the first and are still the only manufacturer of nappies in New Zealand, in the heart of the Waikato. 

Since that very first nappy, Treasures has continued to innovate. Our new and improved nappy is our best yet - one that the dedicated team at Te Rapa are sure you'll love.

"The changes to the nappy relate to the nappy pad," says Technical Manager Maurice Phillips. "We made the pad wider and thicker to enhance absorbency and leakage protection."

Treasures nappies are sent for independent testing to make sure they are perfect for your baby.

Final Pack Shot

Independent testing has confirmed Treasures leakage protection is as good as the market leader and our overall "absorbent retention" is greater.*

*SGS France, January 2018, Absorbency Before Leakage similar for Treasures Toddler and Huggies Toddler Boy. Absorbent Retention (amount of liquid a nappy holds): Treasures Toddler 416g vs Huggies Toddler Boy 340g

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