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May 1, 2018

There’s nothing more satisfying than guiding little ones down the garden path of learning and development, every stone along the way is a source of wonder and must be turned over and inspected – at great length

Did you know you can turn your love of children into a qualification with the new New Zealand Certificate in Early Childhood Education & Care (Level 4). And you can study in the comfort of your own home while continuing to raise your own children. You may also be eligible to study for free under the Government’s fees-free policy.

For Grace Drollet, turning her back on a corporate career was a bold move but one of the best she’s made for her family. When she was pregnant with her second child she started to reassess what was important in her life – and spending more time with her children was at the top of the list.

After more than 10 years in banking, she decided she wanted to stay at home with her children because she didn’t want to miss her children’s important milestones. She registered to become an Educator with PORSE and signed up to complete the national certificate in ECE. It changed her life.

Now she is able to be at home with her children while earning a living caring for two other children.

You too could make that life-changing decision. You could spend your day having a tea party with your daughter and her toys and be learning about how best to guide her development after she’s tucked up in bed.

We at PORSE Education & Training, are here every step of the way to support you in your learning.

Because we’re the only provider offering this certificate online you can do all your learning from your kitchen table.

Erin Maloney, Education and Training General Manager, says the company have long been committed to providing PORSE Educators with free, easy-to-access training, giving them all the tools they need to succeed. Thanks to the Government’s fees-free eligibility requirements, we can now extend free training to more learners.

To be eligible for fees-free study, learners must be allowed to work and live in New Zealand permanently, or be an Australian or New Zealand resident who has lived here for at least three years. They must also not have undertaken previous study or training of more than 60 credits, except while at school.

The ECE sector has always been dynamic and interesting and right now it is experiencing one of the most exciting periods in a long time.

The Government is reviewing home-based education including investigating the introduction of minimum qualifications for all home-based Educators. The intent to look at introducing minimum qualifications is not a new one and this is a topic that has been debated rigorously by the sector. During this time, PORSE has continued to offer industry training for Educators.

We are the only home-based provider with an accredited training arm and are extremely well placed to meet any new requirements around qualifications for the industry given our experience in delivering NZQA qualifications to the sector.

The general feeling around the upcoming review of the sector is that mandated qualifications are on the way in for ECE.

There has never been a better time to enrol in the New Zealand Certificate in ECE (Level 4) to futureproof your career as an Educator. We are now taking enrolment applications for our second semester intake, the cut-off date is 22 June, with the 20-week course commencing on 16 July.

Read more about this exciting new course and eligibility criteria.

Call 0800 023 456 or visit to find out more.

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