Macarons can be tricky to master but they make an impressive addition to any party table.


1 cup ground almonds

1¼ cups icing sugar

3 egg whites

2 tablespoons sugar

White chocolate ganache

200 grams white chocolate, chopped

4 tablespoons cream

Preheat the oven to 150°C.

Take two pieces of baking paper, each large enough to line an oven tray. Draw 3cm circles on the reverse side of the baking paper, spaced 3cm apart.

Sift ground almonds and icing sugar together three times.

Beat the egg whites to soft peaks, add the sugar and continue to beat until just stiff peaks. Fold sifted icing sugar and almond mix into the egg whites in two batches, continuing to fold until thoroughly mixed through. (The mixture will become slightly glossy and will move slowly when the bowl is tilted.)

Place in a disposable piping bag and cut the end off to create a 1cm hole. Pipe onto the baking paper using the circles as a guide. Leave to sit for 30 minutes so they form a bit of a crust. Bake for about 20 mins. Cool on the trays.

To finish: Place the white chocolate ganache in a piping bag. Pipe onto the bottom of one macaron and sandwich together with a second macaron. Repeat with the remaining macarons.

  • White chocolate ganache

Heat cream to a simmer, stir in white chocolate until smooth. Leave to cool then beat until fluffy.


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