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February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine’s day! For many, your first as a new mum...

What used to be a romantic occasion planned weeks in advance is now an afterthought smeared in pumpkin puree and a deep yearning for uninterrupted sleep. 

But good news for sleep deprived mums. Love is in the smaller things. A cup of tea, a lie in, some time to soak in the bath whilst the kids are being looked after by Granny.

A day without poonamis would be nice, but we’re not sure junior got the memo.

Love could also be once the kids are asleep, throwing on comfy clothes, ordering in and binging with your other half on your favourite Netflix series. 

Valentine’s Day is about being thoughtful and spending some time with your loved one. Even a little gesture can go a long way.

However you choose spend your day, here’s 10 great (and inexpensive) ways to make it work for all of you: 

Bake Valentines cakes

Make granny and grandad or mum and dad a valentine’s day card

Enjoy a family movie on the sofa

Snuggle up in a makeshift duvet den in the living room

Girls night – mani/pedi

Call Nana on the phone and tell her you love her

Get crafty and make some coupons to use – sleep in coupons/grandparent looks after child!

Make a picnic in the living room with all your favourite treats

Make a cuppa in bed for your loved one

Make mum and dad breakfast on a weekend

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